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Perform With Birmingham Opera Company

We are privileged at this current time to be working on a piece whereby

our leading actors are all black and are each playing characters of very

high status. I have had the pleasure of speaking with them in regards to

their personal journeys navigating this world and the stories are

phenomenal. I believe that everybody in our community should hear their

struggles and hardships alongside how they have managed to overcome in

an industry that is believed to be outside of our culture.

We can offer free workshops for your groups as part of our year-round

outreach work. There are also always opportunities for people to 'get

involved and there are still chances to be part of this year's

production, even with a lack of experience of singing or acting. All you

need to do is email us at: to

register interest. Our first new participant's session is this coming

Wednesday 23rd June.

Performance Dates

Wednesdays 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm will be the sessions for new participants. Venue will be disclosed upon confirmation

Production dates are as follows:

24th/25th July - ‘Put Together’ rehearsal including piano and dress

26th - 28th July - Tech rehearsals and full run-throughs with orchestra

29th July - Dress rehearsal w/public audience (6 pm call)

31st July/2nd/4th/6th/7th - Performance days

Working within the regulations so that all participants feel safe, COVID control will be in place and we ask all participants to adhere to wearing masks and gloves. There will be testing twice per week and the 2 metre distance regulation will apply. Participants will rehearse in smaller groups in order to minimise risk. We will constantly keep our COVID guidelines under review.

COVID testing is being strongly encouraged and we require all involved to take regular twice-weekly tests. Midweek testing will be determined by the groups you are placed in but we do ask that tests are taken on the morning of the 20th June (first rehearsal)

Please get those who are interested to contact me at:

Travel expenses of £4.60 will be provided

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in regards to any other queries you may have.

We really look forward to seeing you

--- Blessings always TCHAU Reisz Amos Artistic Associate Birmingham Opera Company

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