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"They're gonna mek somebody pay"

It's the height of the bloody war between the Greeks and Trojans but the Greeks' greatest warrior, Achilles, is refusing to fight. His leader has stolen his girl and now he's in a sulk. But without Achilles, the balance of power is swayed in the Trojans' favour and the gods may need to interfere.

The greatest epic poem of all time but as you've never heard it before – in a Brummie accent. Actor Roderick Smith (The REP's I Knew You and Tartuffe, RSC's Much Ado About Nothing and Love's Labour's Lost) has breathed new life into the classic story of heroes and gods whilst celebrating the local vernacular. The REP's Adult Drama and Lightpost companies bring his striking vision to life.

Directors Madeleine Kludje and Philip Morris
Assistant Directors Ruth Vassallo and Gaby Horwood
Designer Ebrahim Nazier
Lighting Designer Simon Bond
Sound Designer Andy Gregory
Vocal Conductor Reisz Amos
Movement Director Keiren Hamilton Amos

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