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Job Opportunity - Training bursaries

I hope you're well and the pandemic hasn't been treating you too unkindly.

We're currently advertising for several trainee roles for emerging performers, musicians and theatre creatives who'd like to develop careers in theatre for/with young audiences (all of which include taking part in a 6 month version of the Cuckoo Collective).

Three roles have bursaries attached and are specifically for artists who are racially marginalised, with one more bursary for D/deaf, disabled or neurodivergent artists: one is a national call-out for our Children's Theatre Leadership Trainee, while the others are just for Birmingham/Black Country area artists.

We’d be so grateful if you can share this opportunity with your Lightpost company and other relevant networks. We’re especially keen for it to reach performers, musicians and theatre creatives who might face barriers to developing careers in theatre for young audiences. The current deadlines are 9th and 16th August.

I've attached the advert, and there's more info and application details at:

You could also share the info via the company's Twitter, Instagram or Facebook posts about the roles.

If you have any queries just drop me a line.

Thanks so much for your time and very best wishes,


Katerina Pushkin

Artistic Director



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